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  1. Go to the homepage of Norton and click the "My Account" tab.
  2. From here, click the "Sign In" option.
  3. Type in the email address as well as the password accompanied by tapping on"sign-in".
  4. In the event that you don't have an account, then click on the "REGISTER NOW" option.
  5. Sort your basic details including first name, last name, & email address.
  6. Additionally, devote a strong password.

Down load Norton, if I've Norton product key? Product Key

  1. Visit some web browsers & visit & enter activation code within the particular space.
  2. Now, login to your account using credentials.
  3. Click the "Download" option present adjacent to your desirable Norton product.
  4. This will download your goods.
  5. You can even directly click the option that says"Download your own applications".
  6. Select it if you have already used the activation code.
Norton Setup Guide

  • Visit & sign in for your Norton accounts or make a new account (new customers )
  • Input Norton product key
  • Choose your subscription & click on the download button to begin downloading process
  • There, You Will Discover choice to choose from Various variations & languages
  • Determined by your browser, operate the downloaded setup
  • Click Run (in Edge or Web Browser ), Installation (from Chrome), or Save File (from Firefox)
  • After installation, start Some app of Symantec Norton 20 20
  • Here, you will see Norton Anti Virus activation magician
  • Click activate & enter same product key, if asked
  • Follow on-screen directions to done activation

How to Install Norton Anti Virus on Windows? Product Key

Step 1: Uninstall pre-installed antivirus, even when you have any.

Step 2: download genuine & latest version of Norton Antivirus from official site CD/DVD for the Norton & insert into the driveway.

Step 3: Enter product key which is a 25 digit key That May Be obtained via email or at C D packets

Step 4: Keep on with the default option set by choosing NEXT alternative

Step 5: Accept license & agreement provisions by choosing YES.

Step 6: Norton setup with merchandise key can be activated by going to Norton configurations

Step 7: Read guidelines & keep on with default option settings. Then choose OK, then NEXT & click DONE

Step 8: Congratulations on installing & completing Norton installation.

How To Install Norton Anti Virus on Mac iOS? Product Key

Step 1: Proceed to

Step 2: Subscribe to Norton's account or sign up if you have you.

Step 3: Input your 25 digit Norton merchandise keyword & click ENTER

Step 4: After activation of Norton antivirus, go to your Norton account & choose your goods to option under services located Norton 360, Norton security, Norton internet security, Norton security deluxe, Norton antivirus, Norton security standard, etc.

Step 5: download product for Mac & install. Wait until your Mac restarts

Step 7: Verify firewall settings & upgrade your operating procedure if needed.

Step 8: Run a complete scan just to ensure it's running well.

How to Install Norton onto Windows

Step 1: Choose Windows you are using from the desktop.

Step Two: Bring up charms pub

Step 3: Choose'configurations', then command panel

Step 5: Click on Norton program to remove click to uninstall'

How to uninstall for Mac?

Step 1: Go to an app folder & open the Symantec resolution folder

Step 2: doubleclick'Symantec uninstaller.'

Step 3: In the downloaded Symantec product window, choose the box close to the Norton program to be uninstalled.

Step 4: Click on uninstall.

The best way to trigger Norton setup?

  • Activation is the final setup step for Norton installation. Listed below are instructions for activation Norton setup:
  • First & foremost, you're looking to click twice on the brand new Norton application for opening it.
  • When the program launches, click on the Help tab in the dash.
  • After that, you shall be prompted to activate Norton setup by entering a product key.
  • Crucial in 25-character alphanumeric product key in the requisite blank.
  • Now, press Publish alternative.
  • Follow all of prompts shown on the screen & complete procedure.


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